A Brief Talk on the Technology of Electronic Stator and Rotor

       Motor core, as the core part of the motor, is a non-professional term in the electrical industry. The core is also the core. Iron core (core) plays an important role in the whole motor. It is used to increase the magnetic flux of inductance coil and realize the maximum conversion of electromagnetic power. The motor core is usually composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is usually a non-rotating part, while the rotor is usually embedded in the internal position of the stator.

      Motor cores are widely used, such as stepping motors, AC and DC motors, deceleration motors, external rotor motors, cover pole motors, synchronous asynchronous motors and so on. For the finished motor, the motor core plays a key role in the motor accessories. In order to improve the overall performance of a motor, it is necessary to improve the performance of the motor core. Usually, this kind of performance can be solved by improving the material quality of iron core punch, adjusting the permeability of the material and controlling the size of iron loss.

      A good motor iron core needs to be stamped out by a precise metal stamping die, using automatic riveting process, and then using a high precision stamping machine. The advantage of this method is that the plane integrity of the product can be guaranteed to the greatest extent and the product accuracy can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. Usually the motor core with good quality is stamped by this kind of technology specialty. High precision metal continuous stamping die with high-speed stamping machine, coupled with excellent professional motor core producers, can maximize the output rate of motor core.

With the continuous development of motor manufacturing technology, modern stamping technology is applied to the manufacturing of motor cores. Now more and more motor manufacturers accept it, and the processing methods of motor cores are more and more advanced. In foreign countries, most advanced motor manufacturers adopt modern stamping technology to stamp iron core parts. In China, the processing method of stamping iron core parts with modern stamping technology is developing further, and this high-tech manufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature. In the electrical machinery manufacturing industry, the advantages of this manufacturing technology have been paid attention by many electrical machinery manufacturers. Comparing with the conventional die and equipment, the modern stamping technology has the advantages of high automation, high dimensional accuracy and long service life of the die, which is suitable for the mass production of the stamping parts. Because the multi-position progressive die is a punching process which integrates many processing technologies into one set of dies, it reduces the manufacturing process of the motor and improves the production efficiency of the motor.

The precision die of modern high-speed stamping can not be separated from the cooperation of high-speed punch. At present, the development trend of modern stamping technology at home and abroad is single machine automation, mechanization, automatic feeding, automatic unloading and automatic product delivery. High-speed stamping technology has been widely developed at home and abroad. The stamping speed of the progressive die for the stator and rotor cores of motors is generally 200-400 times per minute, mostly within the range of medium-speed stamping. Precision progressive die with automatic lamination for stator and rotor core of punching motor requires high precision punch technology. The slider of punch has high precision at the lower dead point, because it affects the quality of the process of automatic lamination of stator and rotor core in the die. Now the precision stamping equipment is developing in the direction of high speed, high precision and good stability. Especially in recent years, the precision high-speed punch has developed rapidly and played an important role in improving the production efficiency of stamping parts. The high-speed precision punch is advanced in design structure and high in manufacturing accuracy. It is suitable for high-speed stamping of multi-station cemented carbide progressive dies and can greatly improve the service life of progressive dies.


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