How to Choose an Appropriate Feeder for Punch Press

How to choose the punch feeder?

Choose a suitable punch feeder for your enterprise, the surface looks very simple, in fact, it is not that simple, there are many feeders on the market, first determine what grade you want, imported, Taiwanese, or domestic. Domestic products are also divided into big brands and miscellaneous brands. What's more, it depends on what kind of punch feeder you are using. Specifically, the parameters of punch feeder are material width, feeding speed (how many meters per minute), feeding accuracy, gear or numerical control, etc. In fact, generally speaking, the best way to buy a punch feeder is to customize it according to the customer's situation, which requires manufacturers to go to the user's factory to see, according to the customer's situation to buy a suitable punch feeder is the most appropriate. In addition, customers need to know a few points about the punch feeder, according to the following points to determine which kind of punch feeder to buy.

1. It is necessary to select the fixture conveniently and the fixture structure is simple, which is also a factor to be considered when choosing the punch equipment. In this case, the choice of horizontal punch feeder or vertical punch feeder will directly affect the structure of the fixture and the processing coordinate system, directly related to the difficulty of NC programming and the reliability of NC processing.

2. The dimensions of the main specifications of the punch feeder should be compatible with the outline dimensions of the workpiece. That is to say, small workpiece should be processed by machine with small size, while large workpiece should be processed by machine with large size, so as to make rational use of equipment.

3. The working accuracy of the punch feeder is in line with the processing accuracy required by the working procedure. Machine tools should be selected according to the requirement of Parts'processing accuracy, such as rough working procedure with low precision, machine tools with low precision, finishing process with high precision and machine tools with high precision.

4. The structure of punch feeder depends on the size of machine tool and the weight of workpiece.

5. The power and stiffness of the punch feeder and the range of its maneuverability should be compatible with the nature of the working procedure and the most suitable cutting parameters. If the roughing process removes a large amount of blank allowance and chooses a large amount of cutting allowance, it requires the machine tool to have a large power and better stiffness.

6. In addition, it is also very important to choose suitable material racks and leveling machines. If there are already material racks or leveling machines, it is necessary to make clear when purchasing punch feeders, so as to avoid more and greater waste.

It should be noted that the function of NC equipment should be fully utilized in the selection of punch feeder, and reasonable development should be made according to the need to expand the function of punch machine to meet the needs of products. Then, according to the selected punch feeder, further optimize the NC processing plan and process route, and adjust the content of the process according to the need.

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