Founded in 1965 in Taiwan, the factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters and is located at 2218 cihai road, zhenhai district, ningbo city.We have been adhering to the professional business philosophy and leading research and development technology, to provide customers with quality and safe products, reasonable prices, fast delivery and complete service quality, to protect the rights and interests of customers.Integrity, quality, innovation and efficiency are the enterprise spirit of laifu machinery co., LTD. which represents the commitment to each customer. 



Facing the new starting point of the 21st century, we are full of pride and enthusiasm to set off the pace of high-speed development, and make continuous efforts to bring high-quality products to each customer.Laifu mainly produces c-type pneumatic punching machine (single crankshaft)/straight-shaft steel frame precision punching machine/c-type double-crankshaft punching machine/gantry double-crankshaft punching machine/large triplex double-crankshaft punching machine/precision high-speed punching machine/automatic feeding manipulator/automatic transmission device.Metal forming machine must withstand the harsh processing conditions, only good quality can stand the test, more than 50 years, laifu products are get recognition by customers, to meet customers’ demand, create substantial value for customers,to meet the demand of our customers is our final goal.